The Hormetic Bell Curve as a universal principle

Universal principles crop up in unexpected places. Here's one based on the hormetic bell curve: a concept from biology that applies to so much more. Length: 1058 words, 5-7 minute read Subject: Philosophical universal principles, Nietzsche, the crisis of modernity, hormesis   "God is dead." Began Nietzsche in The Gay Science. But people often forget [...]

January 26th, 2017|All, Philosophy, Theory|0 Comments

The existence and immortality of the soul

The soul exists and I can prove it. I walk through several thought experiments that help isolate the soul from both the physical brain and the brain data. Length: 2311 words - 15-17 minutes read Subject: I identify the nameless religion that informs the worldview of most westerners and call it into question by examining [...]

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