Strange Modern Cowboy is a lifestyle blog aimed at creatives – game designers, programmers, artists.

Drawing from my own life, I’ll use this blog to discuss the methods I use to be the most capable, imaginative and energetic person I can be.

The focus is on providing people with tools and methods for maximizing their own personal energy, so I’ll be covering topics like sleep, mindset, exercise, learning and discipline. I also cover topics related to creating successful products, so expect to see posts about sales, persuasion, user experience and retention.


However, Strange Modern Cowboy ISN’T a technical blog.

If you’re looking for a breakdown of some application I’ve built at Bancho, or advice on programming a game, you’re out of luck.

There are plenty of great blogs out there covering how to program a game or an app and I’m not interested in competing with them.


Strange Modern Cowboy isn’t designed to be read like a book.

It would be a waste of time for one person to read each of my posts in chronological order.

I cover a huge range of topics, so take a look at the categories sidebar and see which of the topics appeals to you. I’ve also listed the most popular posts from a range of topics below.

Side notes are typically indicated with blue text. Hovering over blue text will show a tooltip with extra information. Links appear in red.

This blog is designed to work like a web of content and from any one blog post it should be easy to reach any related blog posts that might interest you. So take a look at the categories below and jump in.

Beat anxiety & depression

Meditation for the Irreligious

Personal Development

An alternative to “no pain, no gain”

How to beat procrastination by joining it

Game Design theory

Game Feel – summarized for game designers

Flow and the Player Journey – summarized for game designers

How to use the Ancient Greek concept of Xenia in game design

Gamification: Why most designers fail at it

Lifestyle advice

Diet for Game Devs (and other busy people)

– Supplements for Game Devs (and other busy people) – (coming soon)


The fastest way to practice perspective drawing (guide + free application)


How to become an autodidact internet scholar

How to learn any skill with almost 0 effort

Speed up learning with just a notebook

Big questions

– Do we live in a simulation?

– The existence and immortality of the soul